Greensboro, North Carolina
Greensboro, North Carolina
Greensboro, North Carolina
Greensboro, North Carolina

What We Do

At Turning Point Litigation, we are courtroom lawyers. We are your advocates. From the moment we take a case, our thoughts center on achieving the best result for our client.

Litigation can be a long road. We seek to make it a smooth one, striving for the best possible outcome. We recognize that cases are different, people are different, and “best” sometimes is different too. Regardless of the ultimate goal, we will work tirelessly to the end, providing peace of mind and support along the way.

Being courtroom lawyers starts long before a lawsuit is filed. We research and investigate, seeking a thorough understanding of the issues. Through innovation, intelligence, and intense intellectual curiosity, we doggedly pursue the best solution for a client's problem.

One example is the story of a family whose otherwise healthy daughter emerged from a hospital in a persistent vegetative state. The medical professionals and experts were stumped. We got to work. Scouring the records and researching the issue, we ultimately uncovered a massive drug overdose by the hospital that was missed by all those involved. In a case that would have been worthless without our work, the family received significant funds to care for their daughter and the knowledge of what actually happened to her.

Our experience is far reaching. We counsel clients and litigate in most every area. We handle the most complex matters as well as smaller cases for people who need our help.

Demonstrating the broad reach of our work, Allison Mullins and Alan Duncan were trial counsel to John Edwards in his criminal campaign finance trial. We were hired for our trial skills for one of the biggest cases in the country, even though our practices are not focused on criminal law.

We not only work hard, we work smart, by harnessing technology to efficiently meet client needs. Even on the go, we are available to clients and can easily access information.

We apply our skills to every case on every topic.

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